In September of this year, three congregants and I plan on summiting Mount Rainier to raise money for Be The Match, an international organization dedicated to saving lives through cellular therapy. In English that means bone marrow and cord blood transplantation, life-saving treatments for those with blood cancer with no more hope. I was the lucky recipient of such a transplant in September 2016. Not only was Be The Match able to find me an unrelated donor, but I was able to afford the care required to keep me alive before and after transplantation. Not everyone is so lucky.

With the help and companionship of congregants Andrew Cohen, Ken Goldstein and Adam Kaplan, I plan on climbing Mount Rainier to raise awareness for Be The Match and to raise funds for those less fortunate than I. Climbing a mountain is very symbolic for me as I compared the transplant process to climbing a mountain, one agonizing step after the next until finally reaching the top. I viewed my recovery as a slow decent to a normal life. Please help our team and I raise $50,000, an embarrassingly large sum of money for donor identification and procurement efforts and for those unable to fund their own care. The Talmud states “whoever saves a life of Israel, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” Help us save the lives of those in need and maybe our own in the process.

To donate, please  go to the following link: or simply search “be the match Paul Altman” in your Googlebrowser.

Thank you and shalom to all,

– Paul Altman

Adam Kaplan, Ken Goldstein and Paul Altman training by climbing the Aon building and raising money for Lurie Children’s Hospital in the process.

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