Solel President Holly KrakowI was amazed and grateful for the thoughtful, intelligent questions, that I heard being asked at the town hall meetings last month, where we discussed the possible fusion of Congregation Solel and Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism. The questions touched on a variety of issues ranging from finances, leadership, buildings and education, but the most widely asked question at the town hall meetings, and the questions I have received personally, have to do with Worship, and in particular, Worshipping as a community in our spiritual home. It is heartwarming and quite special that our congregants are most concerned with being together as a community, to celebrate and pray together. The answer is yes, we are committed to always holding worship services together at 1301 Clavey Road.

Physicist and Nobel prize winner Isidor Isaac Rabi was recognized for discovering magnetic resonance used widely in magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. He told a story that while other children’s mothers asked them what they learned in school, his mother asked, “Did you ask a good question today”?

To be Jewish is to ask questions. Judaism honored what Maimonides called the “active intellect” and saw it as the gift of God. No faith has honored human intelligence more.

Did you ask a good question today?

May the questions we ask today help us create the future we envision and desire.

Holly Krakow

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