Solel - Lakeside - Stronger TogetherBoard Resolution to Consider Proposal to Combine
Approved by Board of Directors – January 21, 2018

Whereas, Congregation Solel and Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism have a history of successful collaborations with respect to worship, music, social justice, adult enrichment and more; and

Whereas, the rabbis and a lay leadership team from each congregation have been discussing ways to deepen the partnership and collaboration between the two congregations; and

Whereas, those discussions led to a realization by the leadership teams of each congregation that combining together to create a single congregation would provide opportunities for both congregations; and

Whereas that realization led to deeper explorations of each congregation’s core values and practices in relation to worship, education, finances, and each facility to determine whether combining the congregations into a single entity could be viable and desirable; and

Whereas those explorations established that a union of the congregations would be feasible and offer an opportunity to combine the best of each congregation to create a dynamic Reform synagogue that would serve both its current members and generations to come, the leadership teams jointly developed a proposal for consideration by the memberships of each congregation to explore combining the congregations; and

Whereas the proposal has been presented to the Executive Committees and Boards of Directors of each congregation:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors recommends that

  1. The proposal to combine Congregation Solel and Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism to create one congregation be presented to the membership for consideration;
  2. Congregants be advised of the proposal as soon as possible via email and regular mail;
  3. Information about the proposal be posted on each congregation’s website;
  4. Congregational meetings be held between February and April 2018 where congregants can come together to learn more about the proposal and ask questions; and
  5. Following such period of congregational engagement there be a special meeting of the congregation on Sunday, April 29, 2018 for the purpose of voting on a resolution to combine the congregations to create a new congregation effective as of early summer 2019.