Dear Friends,

Last Shabbat morning, our congregations read from the Torah portion known as kedoshim, also known as the Holiness code. It includes the teachings to love your neighbor as yourself, to welcome the stranger, to seek justice in the land. The words of this Torah portion define the purpose of modern Jewish life. They remind us of the importance of what our congregations achieved on April 29th, 2018.

On that day, the memberships of Solel and Lakeside voted overwhelmingly in support of combining our congregations to form a single congregation that will begin to operate in the 2019-2020 fiscal year – a little more than a year from now.

We are coming together so we can continue to fulfill and live the words of our Torah. We are coming together so that we can grow and sustain a spiritual home that will meet the needs and lift the aspirations of our communities for decades and centuries to come. In coming together, we are all founders of a new congregation!

This is a wonderful opportunity to work together to build a dream of our joint creation. It is a time to be bold and imaginative; and yet it is also a time to identify and honor those programs and traditions that have made each synagogue currently successful and rightfully proud of who we are.

As founders, we have responsibilities, and there is much work to be done. A Steering Committee will coordinate the transition process and oversee the working groups we’ll be forming to integrate our congregations and make recommendations about worship and music, finances, programming, governance, office operations, and more. A list of these working groups can be found here. They will vary in size and composition, depending on the tasks and specific expertise that may be required. We encourage you to volunteer to participate on one or more of the working groups, and to let us know if you have particular areas of interest. It may not be possible to accommodate everyone’s top preferences, but we’ll do our best.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our congregants to get to know our now extended family and work together to create a cutting-edge, dynamic new congregation. To volunteer, simply drop an email by Monday, May 14 to Solel President, Holly Krakow, at or to Lakeside Executive Director, Rick Schuster, at, or contact the congregation’s office.

This is an exciting time. We know change is rarely easy, yet our communities have consistently created an inspiring and compelling experience of Jewish life over the last sixty years. Now, as we embark on the next sixty years, we will continue to do so, together.

From strength to strength,

Rabbi Isaac Serotta

Rabbi Evan Moffic

Holly Krakow, President

Robert Lindner, President