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Working Group Charge
Administration Assess current policies and practices regarding hiring, employment, benefit plans, etc., and recommend policies to guide the new congregation.
Adult Education Create a shared vision and make recommendations for adult education.
Caring Community Develop recommendations for how the new congregation can serve members in times of need, loss and simcha.
Communications Recommend a communications plan for internal and external communications, including branding, website, social media, and other communication methods, and help implement approved recommendations.
Congregational Naming Work with clergy to develop appropriate name criteria and recommendation for the new congregation.
Facilities Identify and recommend a plan for making necessary capital improvements – e.g., offices, bimah, kitchen, storage – and oversee approved projects; identify and evaluate physical assets (excluding art objects and recognition elements) from both congregations and make recommendations for retention, storage, or other disposition; and recommend a phased plan for other improvements.
Financial Develop recommendations for (1) the fiscal year; (2) a unified dues and fee structure; (3) the endowment fund, including a policy for establishing restricted funds; (4) building fund and policies; (5) special purpose funds; (6) allocation of proceeds from the sale of the Lakeside facility; (7) financial policies; and (8) a budget for the first year of operation.
Fine Arts/Donor Recognition Create an inventory of art, donor recognition elements, and congregation historical files; make recommendations for retention/display/disposition of each, including possible consolidation and/or development of new past donor recognition displays; and for maintaining and archiving history; create a vision for a Fine Arts Committee going forward and recommend policies regarding donation of art objects.
Governance Develop recommended by-laws, including provisions for an Initial Board of Directors, and related policies.
Information Technology Develop and implement a plan, with milestones/dates, for a unified database and record keeping, including membership and financial data: review and make recommendations regarding WI-FI, remote access, hardware and software solutions and licensing, etc.
Innovative Practices Identify cutting edge synagogues that exemplify best practices in all facets of synagogue life (e.g., program, worship, membership, branding and communication), advise Steering Committee on an on-going basis of best practices that could be incorporated as part of the transition process, and make recommendations for an on-going innovative planning process to be undertaken by the new congregation.
Library Assess the library collections and related policies and develop recommendations for combining the libraries.
Membership and Hospitality/Social Activities Develop recommendations for membership recruitment during the transition year; recommend activities for bringing the congregations together during the planning year in anticipation of the union; and plan a celebration of the union after the congregations formally combine.
Pre-School Explore options and make recommendations for early childhood education.
Religious School and Youth Engagement Make recommendations for creating a combined Religious School committee, integrating religious school families and students, and a process for program evaluation; make recommendations for combining youth groups.
Social Justice/Social Action Investigate best practices and develop recommendations for how the social justice/social action programs should combine.
Women of Reform Judaism/Rosh Chodesh Assess the mission and activities of these programs and make recommendations.
Worship/Music/Holiday Celebrations Explore each congregation’s traditions and make recommendations about issues relating to worship, music programming, and holiday celebrations.