Judaism teaches that we are to “tend and till” this fragile planet, a gift from God, not ours to own.  We are taught not to waste the earth’s resources.  If we do not abide by the guidelines that will protect the earth, “there will be none to come after.”  With these thoughts in mind, and in the context of climate change, Makom Solel Lakeside has organized a new group to integrate better environmental practices into congregational and individual lives.

The initial meeting took place March 3, with eight enthusiastic participants, including Rabbi Ike, and a representative from Lev Learning.  Several projects will start immediately, including a seedling start and plant sale later in the school year.  The passion for improving our care of the earth was palpable and ideas sprouted spontaneously.  We welcome more members at any time, but please note our next meeting date, Sunday, April 21, 10:30 a.m. at Lakeside.

For additional information contact Andy Amend, andyamend@me.com, 847 433-1059

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