The increasing focus on social justice as well as social action is palpable in our community.  We must broaden this work to include care of the earth.  Our tradition teaches, preaches and insists on this.  Climate change is here, not just on the coasts, or on islands in the sea, not just endangering polar bears, but birds, bees and butterflies…..and humans in the midwest.  We are all connected, and “there will be none to come after.”

This is a request for individuals who are eager and energetic to join together to encourage and engage the congregation on a path that reflects the Jewish value of tending the EARTH.  We have support from Jewish organizations, as well as well-defined guidelines and goals from Faith in Place, an Illinois organization that brings together about 150 Illinois religious congregations focusing on environmental issues.  We are eager for your ideas too!

Please contact Solel Member Andy Amend for more information.

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