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Now 55, but at the tender age of 13 years old, Harold learned the art of making bialys from his father who operated 5 Bialy shops in New York. Soon came pressure from local bakers unions. The unions wouldn't let independent owners carry deli products in their bakeries. Refrigerated cream cheese was allowed, but patrons who wanted lox or other delicatessen products had to go elsewhere.

This prompted his father to move from New York to Illinois in 1964 where he was freed from these restrictions, with four partners who opened New York Bialy. Here they expanded to making bagels, and 30 years ago 2,000 to 2,500 dozen bagels were carried out of the shop each week.

The young Harold had thoughts of moving of his own. Selling his partnership, Harold opened his own bakery/deli/restaurant in 1982 naming it Chicago Bagel and Bialy. Today, 20 years later, we can sell up to 1000 dozen per day on Tuesday's Bagel Day-plus all your favorite deli products, such as lox, chubs, sable. Hot corned beef and pastrami and brisket piled high on our homemade rye bread. We also feature homemade soups, salads and specialty items such as homemade kugels, blintz souffles, potato latkes, stuffed cabbage and green peppers and awesome meat loaf! Our mushroom barley soup is to die for and our homemade Challahs and rye bread are second to none.

Walk in the store and you have a cornucopia of smells hitting your senses and memories of childhood's past. This is what brings in each new generation around, as we still make bagels the old fashion way the way Hymie did in Brooklyn 70 years ago. We also make beautiful party trays for all occasions and even have private parties in the store. The old-timers and the next generation of deli lovers love it!

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