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The congregation boasts an outstanding library of 12,000 books and periodicals and open 7 days a week. Adult member, children and young adults as well as many people in the larger community make extensive use of the facility. The collection is especially strong in the area of Holocaust literature (1,000 plus books). Jewish communities of the world, mysticism and Hassidism studies receive much use. Computers are being installed soon to make the library even more up to date. Scholars, Clergy, and congregants use the extensive number of reference books.

The Solel Library is a unique institution within institution. There are hundreds upon hundreds of books on Jewish subjects including Reference books, important art books, Primary books, Junior books - subjects in hundreds of categories all listed in the magazines and newspapers of Jewish content. It is said that ours is the most complete Jewish Library in the Chicago area. We, of course, do not accept these limited parameters.

During construction, the library has moved temporarily to the north end of the building, adjacent to the art room.


Our Library is a wonderful resource filled with a variety of stimulating and interesting books.


The Mitzvah Committee is offering a new program that will make these books available to those congregants who are unable to personally visit our library.


Just select a book from the list below and call to have a volunteer from our Solel Family deliver it to you.   We will return to pick it up by the due date.  Books are on loan for three weeks.


If you wish to borrow a book from the list, please contact the Mitzvah Committee:


[email protected]


People of the Book -- Geraldine Brooks

Jews And Power  --  Ruth R. Wisse

The Orientalist  -- Tom Reiss

Schlepping Through the Alps --  Sam Apple

The Romance of a Shop -- Amy Levy

Who She Was -- Samuel G. Freedman

Omaha Blues  -- Joseph Lelyweid

The Modern Jewish Canon  -- Ruth R. Wisse

Mandrakes from the Holy Land  -- Aharon Megojed

Yiddish Civilisation --  Paul Kriwaczek

Jewish Maxwell Street Stories  -- Shuli Eshel and Roger Schatz

Jerusalem 1913 --  Amy Dockser Marcus

Suite Francaise --  Irene Nemirovsky

Art Lover --  Peggy Guggenheim

The Hidden Isaac Bashevis Singer --  Edited by Seth L. Wolitz



There is a book cart just to your right as you come in the Library door. The books on this rolling cart are all the newest books in the Library. They will be shelved later, so browse the cart and sign out one or two of these books

"This I Believe: Documents of American Jewish Life"--by Jacob Rader Marcus

This study is based primarily on documents such as ethical wills, statements of a moral nature, selected bar mitsva and confirmation addresses, and personal letters. These are very human writings that bring experiences from the past to the present time. The second part of the book reveals the documents themselves, and points out that Jews had much in common in ethical matters.

"These Are the Words" A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life by Arthur Green

Quoted from the Introduction, "The Power of Words" A tremendous surge of interest in various mystical and spiritual traditions has recently occurred. "Turned on" by a great variety of spiritual experiences, Jews lacking in basic religious education are coming home to seek out their own tradition." The author has chosen 149 central words, and given us a humanly sensitive, spirituality powerful explanation.

"The Jewish Moral Virtues" by Eugene B. Borowitz and Frances Weinman Schwartz

This is a book of "musar" --practical wisdom applied to contemporary life. These virtues include trustworthiness, lovingkindness, compassion, generosity, charity, humility, and pure-heartedness among others. The author expands to include wisdom from the ancient rabbis and medieval philosophers.

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