Campaign for Solel

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Covering Solel’s ongoing operational expenses is our first financial priority; focusing on the future so we can realize our long-term vision is the second. Through Campaign for Solel—our capital campaign—we’re doing just that.

Campaign for Solel was launched in 2007 as part of the congregation’s 50th anniversary celebration. By the end of that year, we had raised over $3 million. This initial success enabled us to:

  • Expand and refurbish our administrative wing and create new community space overlooking the pond
  • Create a Rabbinic Endowment Fund to help support Solel’s tradition of outstanding rabbinic leadership
  • Boost our capacity to develop and implement dynamic programming.

The current phase of the Campaign for Solel, which we hope to complete by 2014, is designed to help us realize that vision by re-creating our physical home and growing our endowment.



Re-Creating Our Physical Home
As Congregation Solel continues to thrive, we want to provide our families with a vibrant atmosphere of learning and worship for children and adults. As part of our long-term vision, we want to take the warmth that emanates from our chapel and lounge and extend that feeling throughout the building.

We plan to make these improvements in phases, as resources allow:

  • Integrate the area from the sanctuary through the social hall and lounge upgrade lighting, sound, accessibility and technology—to create comfortable space for a wide variety of communal purposes year-round.
  • Create classroom space that promotes lifelong learning activities for all ages, makes effective use of technology and includes current Jewish learning resources
  • Enhance the north entrance and foyer to provide an entryway that is welcoming and handicap accessible
  • Renovate the washrooms
  • Upgrade the kitchen.


Growing Our Endowment
The purpose of Solel’s Endowment is to secure the congregation’s financial health for the long-term. The fund’s principal remains intact, generating investment income year after year to support and enhance our core mission. The greater the endowment income, the less pressure on annual dues and fund raising to maintain and augment our operations.

Our endowment includes three major components:

  • Unrestricted Endowment (general use) - Supports all aspects of our congregational life, especially the ability to attract and retain high quality professionals; continues to ensure high quality religious education for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; expands staff in response to the evolving needs of the congregation; and makes possible innovative and engaging programming.
  • Rabbinic Endowment (restricted use) - Provides a source of ongoing funding to compensate our rabbi and grow our clergy team
  • Sylvia Radov Endowment Fund for Program Enhancement (restricted use) - Supports a program coordinator and enhanced programming.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our vision and the role you can play in making it a reality. To begin the conversation, please email Rabbi Moffic or our President, or call the office at 847/433-3555.